Applied Pharmacology: With STUDENT CONSULT Online Access

Applied Pharmacology: With STUDENT CONSULT Online AccessBook Reviews: This textbook is designed to provide a concise yet comprehensive review of pharmacology, with an emphasis on information that is useful for clinicians in training or in practice. With its emphasis on basic science and clinical pharmacology, as well as evidence-based practice, this book is intended to be used from the beginning of students’ training through their clinical years and beyond.


  • Brief description of the chug or class of drug

Prototype and Common Drugs

  • Most important drug names
  • Nomenclature is boldfaced, if applicable (e.g olol for beta blockers)

MOA (Mechanism of Action)

  • Physiology and biochemical action of the drug or drug class
  • How and why the effects of the drug occur

Mechanisms of Resistance


  • Major pharmacokinetic sires with the drug class or a given drug. This is not intended to be comprehensive but will cover the most important issues a PR actioner might face when prescribing a given drug, including the route of metabolism, clinically important drag interactions. and issues pertaining to administration.
  • If the half-life is at an extreme or an exception, it will be listed
  • If the drug has a narrow therapeutic index or is potentially toxic, elimination will be described
  • If the drug has special routes of administration, these will be described

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Author: Doug Martin, Stan Bardal.
Year: 2010
Place Published: New York, Us
Publisher: Saunders
Number of Pages: 480
Edition: 1
ISBN -10: 1437703100
ISBN-13: 978-1437703108
Kindle Available: ASIN: B00A9LSQGK
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