Basic Endocrinology

Book Reviews: The Diabetes Reference Book first appeared in 1985, was republished with major revisions as Diabetes at your Fingertips in 1991 and has been revised and updated regularly since then. The book aims to provide straightforward answers to the questions asked by people with diabetes and those who live with and care for them. The time has come for another extensive revision, for although much remains stable in the field of diabetes care, there have been a number of significant advances in many of the technologies available.

Since the last edition, a large clinical trial carried out in patients with Type 2 diabetes in the UK has reinforced the importance of good control of diabetes and other risk factors such as blood pressure. The authors want this book to help people improve their health by greater understanding.

Good diabetes care continues to be a team effort between specialist hospital centers, family doctors and practice nurses and a host of other healthcare workers and, of course, they need to keep abreast of improvements in diabetes care. People with diabetes will also want to keep themselves up to date and well- informed and the authors hope this new edition will be of help to them.

Bibliographical Data of Basic Endocrinology

Reference Type: Book
Record Number: xx
Author: Andrew Constanti
Year: 1998
Place Published: 1079 LH Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Publisher: CRC Press
Number of Pages: 156
Edition: 1st
ISBN -10: 9057022508
ISBN-13: 978-9057022500
Kindle Available: NO
Buy: Get it on Amazon

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