Basic Pharmacology for Nurses 17th Ed

Basic Pharmacology for Nurses, 17th EdBook Reviews: The seventeenth edition of Basic Pharmacology for ?gorses, in the tradition of the book’s standards first established in 1957, advocates the administration of medication with safety and precision while focusing on medication safety through medication monitoring and patient education In the practice setting, the nurse not only must demonstrate knowledge of the underlying disease process but also must be able to perform an accurate assessment to identify individualized nursing diagnoses.

The nurse must also plan and implement can in a manner that involves the patient as an active participant in decisions affecting care Therefore a primary concern throughout this book is the integration of patient leaching about drug therapy to enable the patient to reach therapeutic goals and attain an optimum level of health.’ fly nurse must also



Pharmacology for Nurses, seventeenth edition, shares some features and design elements with other Elsevier books that you may be using. The purpose of these Content Threads is to make it easier for students and instructors to use the variety of books required by a fast-paced and demanding curriculum. The shared features in Basic Pharmacology for Nurses, seventeenth edition,

include the following:

  • Cover and internal design similarities; the colorful, student-friendly design encourages reading and learning of this core content
  • Numbered lists of Objectives that begin each chapter
  • Key Terms with pronunciations at the beginning of each chapter; the key terms are in color when they are defined in the chapter
  • Bulleted lists of Key Points at the end of each chapter
  • Multiple-choice and multiple-response Review Questions for the NCLEXt Examination at the end of each chapter; answers are provided on the Evolve student website.

In addition to content and design threads, these textbooks benefit from the advice and input of the Elsevier Advisory Board.

Bibliographical Data of Basic Pharmacology for Nurses, 17th Ed

Reference Type: Book
Record Number: XX
Author: Bruce D. Clayton, Michelle Willihnganz
Year: 2016
Place Published: Maryland Heights, Missouri
Publisher: Mosby
Number of Pages: 848
Edition: 17
ISBN -10: 0323311121
ISBN-13: 978-0323311120
Kindle Available: ASIN: B00GBJ9C94
Buy: Get it on Amazon

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