Beating Depression At Your Fingertips

Book Reviews: Depression is recognized as being one of the most common illnesses in the world. It affects about five to twenty percent of the population at some time in their lives. The symptoms are more than just feeling down for a while – they range from tiredness and low mood, through to disturbed sleep and feelings of shame and suicidal ideas. Beating Depression: an ‘at your fingertips’ guide is an invaluable reference guide for people with depression and their families, which gives positive, practical advice on dealing with depression.

Bibliographical Data of Beating Depression At your Fingertips

Reference Type: Book
Record Number: xx
Author: Stefan Cembrowicz, Dorcas Kingham
Year: 2002
Place Published: London
Publisher: Class Publishing
Number of Pages: 260
Edition: 1st
ISBN -10: 1859590632
ISBN-13: 978-1859590638
Kindle Available: NO
Buy: Get it on Amazon

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