Poisoning and Drug Overdose 6th ED

Book Reviews: Poisoning & Drug Overdose provides practical advice for the diagnosis and management of poisoning and drug overdose and concise information about common industrial chemicals.

The manual is divided into four sections and an index, each identified by a black tab in the right margin. Section I leads the reader through initial emergency management, including treatment of coma, hypotension, and other common complications; physical and laboratory diagnosis; and methods of decontamination and enhanced elimination of poisons. Section II provides detailed information for approximately 150 common drugs and poisons. Section III describes the use and side effects of approximately 60 antidotes and therapeutic drugs.

Section IV describes the medical management of chemical spills and occupational chemical exposures and includes a table of over 500 chemicals. The Index is comprehensive and extensively cross-referenced.

The manual is designed to allow the reader to move quickly from section to section, obtaining the needed information from each. For example, in managing a patient with isoniazid intoxication, the reader will find specific information about isoniazid toxicity in Section II, practical advice for gut decontamination and management of complications such as seizures in Section I, and detailed information about dosing and side effects for the antidote pyridoxine in Section III.

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Reference Type: Book
Record Number: xx
Author: Kent Olson
Year: 2011
Place Published: New York
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education
Number of Pages: 832
Edition: 6th
ISBN -10: 0071668330
ISBN-13: 978-0071668330
Kindle Available: ASIN: B00728D438
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