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Book Reviews: It was perhaps a mark of how successful the second edition of Instant Notes in Biochemistry was that the authors recall seeing a final year student avidly reading it even as he waited to have his viva with the External Examiner. Although the authors would strongly recommend to any student not to leave revision to such a very late stage, this experience alone proved the value of a concise book that focused on essential biochemical information in an easily accessible format!

Let us be clear. This is not a book to replace the superb all-embracing and highly detailed Biochemistry textbooks that take the reader to the cutting edge of this science. Rather, its goal is to allow the reader to cut to the heart of the matter, to see what the core information is and readily to assimilate it. For mainstream Biochemistry students, it may be seen as complementary to the large detailed textbooks, whereas for students taking Biochemistry as an optional or elective module, it should be welcome as a fast way to become acquainted with the main facts and concepts.

This book is aimed at supporting students primarily in the first and second years of their degree, although, as the authors recount above, it can also serve as a welcome friend when faced with certain adverse situations even in the final year! The third edition has taken on board all of the many comments and advice that the authors have gratefully received from readers and academic colleagues alike, and the authors have corrected a number of errors, omissions and ambiguities. No doubt the authors have still missed a few; do let us know of any that you spot. This revision has necessarily reflected the many new directions that.

Biochemistry has taken since the last edition, whilst also preserving coverage of the core of the subject.

The book now also includes expanded coverage of cell structure and imaging, proteomics, microarrays, signal transduction, etc. As with earlier editions, the authors have been careful to include only the information that the authors believe is essential for good student understanding of the subject – and for rapid revision when exams appear on the horizon. Do use the book not only to get to grips with the subject but also as a ready source of elusive information. The authors hope and believe that you will find it as useful as past students told us they found the earlier editions.

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I like it, help me a lot for exams

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Readers Reviews on BIOS Instant Notes in Biochemistry Source:


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Reference Type: Book
Record Number: xx
Author: David Hames, Nigel Hooper
Year: 2011
Place Published: United Kingdom
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Number of Pages: 488
Edition: 4th
ISBN -10: 0415608457
ISBN-13: 978-0415608459
Kindle Available: ASIN: B008ZJKMU6
Buy: Get it on Amazon

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