Clinical Decision Making: Case Studies in Pharmacology

Clinical Decision Making: Case Studies in PharmacologyBook Reviews: Clinical Decision Making Case Studies in Pharmacology is a systematic, application-based resource for users to develop their nursing knowledge in clinical situations. This book contains 40 pharmacology case histories and questions, based on real life client situations, which make learning easier and more memorable than textbook discussion.

Current review of literature indicates that many users believe that case study in pharmacology enhances learning and improves examination success. Each case in this innovative book is followed by a series of questions and appropriate nursing responses, which encourages analytical thought and consideration of numerous variables. Because each case opens with a blueprint of key variables to consider, no two cases are alike.

Users will need to consider such things as collaborative management, erotological considerations, complementary and alternative therapy, patient teaching, discharge planning, and delegation and prioritization to make decisions regarding care. Because nursing is an art and a science, the responsibility of nurses can be challenging. Clinical Decision Making will provide students with actual insight into clinical practice and application of theory to meet those challenges.

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Reference Type: Book
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Author: Hyacinth C. Martin
Year: 2006
Place Published: Boston, Us
Publisher: Cengage Learning
Number of Pages: 208
Edition: 1
ISBN -10: 140183521X
ISBN-13: 978-1401835217
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