Color Atlas of Neurology 2nd ED

Book Reviews: The nervous system and the muscles are the seat of many primary diseases and are affected secondarily by many others.

This pocket atlas is intended as an aid to the detection and diagnosis of the symptoms and signs of neurological disease. The text and illustrations are printed on facing pages, to facilitate learning of the points presented in each.

The book begins with a summary of the fundamentals of neuroanatomy in Chapter 1. Chapter 2 concerns the functions of the nervous system and the commonly encountered syndromes in clinical neurology. Individual neurological diseases are discussed in Chapter 3. The clinical neurological examination is best understood once the material of the first three chapters is mastered; it is therefore presented in the last chapter, Chapter 4.

The choice of topics for discussion is directed toward questions that frequently arise in clinical practice. Some of the illustrations have been re- produced from previous works by other authors, because they seemed to us to be optimal solutions to the problem of visually depicting a difficult subject. In particular, the authors would like to pay tribute here to the graphic originality of the late Dr. Frank H. Netter.

Many people have lent us a hand in the creation of this book. Our colleagues at the Sanderbusch Neurological Clinic were always ready to help us face the difficult task of getting the book written while meeting the constant demands of patient care. I (R.R.) would particularly like to thank our Oberärzte (Senior Registrars), Drs. Helga Best and Robert Schumann, for their skillful cooperation and support over several years of work. Thanks, are also due to the radiologists, Drs. Benno Worse-off and Ditmar Schönfeld, for providing images to be used in the illustrations. This book would never have come about without the fascination for neurology that was instilled in me in all the stages of my clinical training; I look back with special fondness on the time I spent as a Resident in the Department of Neurology at the University of New Mexico (Albuquerque). Above all, I thank the many patients, past and present, who have entrusted me with their care.

Finally, cordial thanks are due to the publishers, Georg Thieme Verlag, for their benevolent and surefooted assistance throughout the development of this book, and for the outstanding quality of its production. Among the many members of the staff to whom the authors are grateful, the authors would like to single out Dr. Thomas Scherb, with whom the authors were able to develop our initial ideas about the format of the book, as well as Dr. Clifford Bergman and Gabriele Kuhn, who saw this edition through to production with assurance, expertise, and the necessary dose of humor.

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Author: Reinhard Rohkamm
Year: 2014
Place Published: Valencia, Spain
Publisher: TPS
Number of Pages: 540
Edition: 2nd
ISBN -10: 3131309326
ISBN-13: 978-3131309327
Kindle Available: NO
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