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Book Reviews: Immunology is a dynamic discipline with rapid re- search developments unparalleled by those of any other field except, perhaps, the neurosciences. This research has provided valuable new data for medicine and biology. Immunology, including its fundamental principles and clinical applications, is a very exciting field in which to specialize.

Nowadays, the authors still live to a ripe old age despite hos- tile attacks by myriads of pathogenic organisms. Immunological mechanisms have become highly sensitive and specific in the process. This color atlas graphically depicts these mechanisms. Its main goal is to explain the diverse interactions between the fundamental principles and the laboratory and clinical applications of immunology so as to create a vivid mental picture. The book’s main target group includes medical students, biology students, and students in other branches of the biosciences. How- ever, it also targets physicians and biologists who are active in their respective fields.

By definition, an atlas must focus on the graphic presentation of subject matter, the explanation of which is limited to brief text segments. Especially in immunology, a graphic presentation of the subject matter must depict certain processes and their progression through time and different phases as well as the interactions between a number of different substances and elements. In order to present an unmistakable picture of these “protagonists,” the graphic designers must create archetypal models and skillfully use colors to ensure a clear under- standing of the subject matter. The authors have mainly concentrated on harmonization of the color plates for different topics. The goal was to ensure that the visual elements were not overloaded with internal structures and to have the individual pieces combine to form a mosaic whole. This was sometimes achieved at the expense of aesthetics, and there is inevitably a certain loss of anatomical detail.

Due to space limitations and the emphasis on hu- man medicine, the book mainly focuses on human immunology; space does not permit us to present all areas of the immense field of immunology in their entirety. A number of excellent textbooks of immunology are already on the market. Some of our colleagues may prefer a more comprehensive presentation of the subject matter. The authors must also re- member the enormous developments in immuno- logical research, the constant discovery of new in- formation and processes that are still unclear today, but will soon be well understood. A constant ex- change of paradigms is taking place, especially on the subject of tolerance and autoimmunity. The cur- rent edition cannot provide full coverage of this new information. The authors naturally hope that there will be many future editions that will allow us to revise the contents of the book to keep abreast of the latest advances. The authors would greatly appreciate any suggestions, additions, and corrections proposed by the readers of this color atlas.

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I must admit I haven’t looked into this book thoroughly, so it is just my superficial impression of this book. I used it only when studying for an immunology exam.

This booklet can be useful for easily finding simple explanations in immunology. It’s consisted with other sources so it’s good, but I am not sure if it’s completely up-to-date since this field keeps changing.

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Author: Gerd R. Burmester, Antonio Pezzutto
Year: 2003
Place Published: Valencia, Spain
Publisher: TPS
Number of Pages: 366
Edition: NF
ISBN -10: 3131267410
ISBN-13: 978-3131267412
Kindle Available: ASIN- B005OCNI80
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