Color Atlas of Pathophysiology 3rd ED

Book Reviews: Pathophysiology describes the mechanisms which lead from the primary cause via individual malfunctions to a clinical picture and its possible complications. Knowledge of these mechanisms serves patients when the task is to develop a suitable therapy, alleviate symptoms, and avert imminent resultant damage caused by the disease.

Our aim in writing this Atlas of Pathophysiology was to address students of medicine, both prior to and during their clinical training, and also qualified doctors as well as their coworkers in the caring and therapeutic professions and to provide them with a clear overview in words and pictures of the core knowledge of modern pathophysiology and aspects of pathobiochemistry. Readers must themselves be the judge of the extent to which the authors have achieved this; the authors would be happy to receive any critical comments and ideas.

The book begins with the fundamentals of the cell mechanism and abnormalities thereof as well as cell division, cell death, tumor growth, and aging. It then covers a wide range of topics, from abnormalities of the heat and energy balance, via the pathomechanisms of diseases of the blood, lungs, kidneys, gastrointestinal tract, heart and circulation, and of the metabolism, including endocrinal abnormalities, diseases of the musculature, the senses, and the peripheral and central nervous system. Following a short review of the fundamentals of physiology, the causes, course, symptoms, and arising complications of dis- ease processes are described along with, if necessary, the possibilities of therapeutic intervention. The selective further reading list will assist the interested reader wishing to gain more in-depth knowledge, and a detailed subject index, which is also a list of abbreviations, aims to assist rapid findings of topics and terminology.

This Atlas would have been inconceivable without the great commitment and outstanding expertise and professionalism of the graphic designers, Ms. Astried Rothenburger and Mr. Rüdiger Gay. The authors would like to extend our warmest gratitude to them for their renewed productive co-operation. Our thanks also go to our publishers, in particular Dr. Liane Platt Rohloff, Dr. Clifford Bergman, and Mr. Gert Krüger for their friendly guidance, and Ms. Marianne Mauch for her exceptional skill and enthusiasm in editing the German edition of the Atlas. Ms. Annette Ziegler did a wonderful job with the setting, Ms. Koppenhöfer and Ms. Loch sorted and compiled the subject index with great care. Throughout all the years it took for this book to come into being, Dr. Heidi Silbernagl constantly stood by us and offered us her loyal and critical opinion of our pictures and manuscripts.

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Another book I’d rad because of college. This one really interested me and I loved it!

Readers Reviews on Color Atlas of Pathophysiology

Readers Reviews on Color Atlas of Pathophysiology Source:

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Reference Type: Book
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Author: Stefan Silbernagl, Florian Lan
Year: 2016
Place Published: Valencia, Spain
Publisher: TPS
Number of Pages: 448
Edition: 3rd
ISBN -10: 3131165537
ISBN-13: 978-3131165534
Kindle Available: NO
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