Color Atlas of Physiology 7th ED

Book Reviews: The base of knowledge in many sectors of physiology has grown considerably in magnitude and in depth since the last edition of this book was published. Many advances, especially the rapid progress in sequencing the human genome and its gene products, have brought completely new insight into cell function and communication. This made it necessary to edit and, in some cases, enlarge many parts of the book, especially the chapter on the fundamentals of cell physiology and the sections on neurotransmission, mechanisms of intracellular signal transmission, immune defense, and the processing of sensory stimuli. A list of physiological reference values and important formulas were added to the appendix for quick reference. The extensive index now also serves as a key to abbreviations used in the text.

Some of the comments explaining the connections between pathophysiological principles and clinical dysfunctions had to be slightly truncated and set in smaller print. However, this base of knowledge has also grown considerably for the reasons mentioned above. To make allowances for this, a similarly designed book, the Color Atlas of Pathophysiology (S. Silbernagl and F. Lang, Thieme), has now been introduced to supplement the well-established Color Atlas of Physiology.

The author is very grateful for the many helpful comments from attentive readers (including my son Jakob) and for the welcome feedback from my peers, especially Prof. H. Antoni, Freiburg,

Prof. C. von Campenhausen, Mainz, Dr. M. Fischer, Mainz, Prof. K.H. Plattig, Erlangen, and Dr. C. Walther, Marburg, and from my colleagues and staff at the Institute in Würzburg. It was again a great pleasure to work with Rüdiger Gay and Astried Rothenburger, to whom the author am deeply indebted for revising practically all the illustrations in the book and for designing a number of new color plates. Their extraordinary enthusiasm and professionalism played a decisive role in the materialization of this new edition. To them the author extends my sincere thanks. The author would also like to thank Suzyon O’Neal Wandrey for her outstanding translation. The author greatly appreciates her capable and careful work. The author am also indebted to the publishing staff, especially Marianne Mauch, an extremely competent and motivated editor, and Gert Krüger for invaluable production assistance. The author would also like to thank Katharina Völker for her ever observant and conscientious assistance in preparing the index.

The author hope that the 5th Edition of the Color Atlas of Physiology will prove to be a valuable tool for helping students better understand physiological correlates, and that it will be a valuable reference for practicing physicians and scientists, to help them recall previously learned information and gain new insights in physiology.

Clearly, this book of little more than 300 pages, only half of which are textual, cannot be considered as a primary source for the serious student of physiology. Nevertheless, it does contain most of the basic principles and facts taught in a medical school introductory course. Each unit of text and illustration can serve initially as an overview for introduction to the subject and subsequently as a concise review of the material. The contents are as current as the publishing art permits and include both classical information for the beginning students as well as recent details and trends for the advanced student.

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the illustrations and photographs are fantastic

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Reference Type: Book
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Author: Stefan Silbernagl, Agamemnon Despopoulos jr.
Year: 2015
Place Published: Valencia, Spain
Publisher: TPS
Number of Pages: 472
Edition: 7th
ISBN -10: 3135450074
ISBN-13: 978-3135450070
Kindle Available: ASIN- B00VQXEBJ6
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