Dale and Appelbe’s Pharmacy Law and Ethics 9th Ed

cover-dale-and-appelbes-pharmacy-law-and-ethics-9th-editionBook Reviews: The first of these changes is, the authors believe, more or less complete and is covered in Chapter 17. Chapters 22, 23 and 24 capture the changes to the Society’s powers in preparation for the creation of the GPhC, but they themselves are likely to undergo further change as the draft Pharmacy Order 2009 is implemented; the authors also provide an overview in these chapters of where these changes may occur. Proposals to change personal control are covered mostly in Chapter 5 but, as the authors went to press, it is likely that the Medicines Act itself will be reviewed in the next few years, meaning that the content and structure of all the chapters considering the Medicines Act may need an overhaul for any subsequent editions.

Not withstanding the above, new material has been added to most chapters. These include changes to the range of qualifications and reciprocal arrangements now recognised within the European Union (Chapter 1); new classes of prescriber and the use of electronic signatures to authorise prescribing (Chapter 8); a new regime for traditional herbal medicines (Chapter 12) and a new presentation of the law relating to veterinary medicines all in one Chapter (13). The advent of an accountable officer for all transactions in Controlled Drugs and many other changes to this legislation appears in Chapter 17; strychnine is now removed from Chapter 18, which now includes the law controlling pesticides (formerly under miscellaneous legislation). Changes in the description of alcoholic material are included in Chapter 19. Chapter 21 on miscellaneous legislation has been slightly reordered and now includes references to the vetting of health professionals in relation to working with children and vulnerable adults and a brief update on the disposal of waste from pharmacies.

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Author: Gordon E. Appelbe, Joy Wingfield
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Edition: 9
ISBN -10: 0853698279
ISBN-13: 978-0853698272
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