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cover-dietary-supplements-pocket-companionBook Reviews: Evidence based on non-epidemiological studies, such as clinical and laboratory investigations, is supportive. More trials are required to support the tentative associations, which should also be biologically plausible. Evidence based on findings of a few studies which are suggestive, but are insufficient to establish an association between exposure and disease. Limited or no evidence is available from randomized controlled trials. More well designed research is required to support the tentative associations.

  • Bioavailability: Provides data on bioavailability of the ingredient from a food supplement, where such data are available.
  • Precautions/contraindications: Lists diseases and conditions in which the substance should be avoided or used with caution. Pregnancy and breastfeeding Comments on safety or potential toxicity during pregnancy and lactation.
  • Adverse effects: Describes the risks that may accompany excessive intake, and signs and symptoms of toxicity.
  • Interactions: Lists drugs and other nutrients that may interact with the supplement. This includes drugs that affect vitamin and mineral status and supplements that influence drug metabolism. Dose Gives usual recommended dosage (if established).

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ISBN-13: 978-0853697619
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