Drugs in Use: Case Studies for Pharmacists and Prescribers 5th Ed

Drugs in Use: Clinical Case Studies for Pharmacists 5th EdBook Reviews: When the editor first conceived this book, back in the late 1980s, cutting-edge pharmaceutical practice was taking place primarily in hospitals, and ‘clinical pharmacist’ was a somewhat elitist term applied to the smallish number of hospital pharmacists who contributed to the direct care of patients on hospital wards but rarely got involved in actually writing the prescription or independently adjusting drug dosage.

Twenty years on, most practicing pharmacists can justly be described as ‘clinical’ pharmacists. Pharmacists are independent prescribers in a wide range of clinical areas and working under patient group directions to supply and administer medicines without a prescription. In hospitals, consultant pharmacists have their own case load of patients and provide the highest levels of pharmaceutical care as well as contributing to research and development in their chosen specialty, whereas in the community, pharmacists with a special interest are being commissioned to provide high-level services that contribute to the overall care of patients in their specialty area.

Pharmacists with considerable experience of the clinical use of drugs have been asked to share their expertise by contributing a case study in an area of special interest to them. The topics chosen for inclusion in the book are ones which are either commonly encountered, associated with particular difficulties in dosage individualization, or in which major advances in therapeutics have occurred in recent years.

The author should like to take this opportunity to thank all the pharmacists who have contributed material for this fourth edition of Drugs in Use. Preparing case studies requires an enormous amount of time and effort, and everyone involved has given unstintingly of both. Once again the authors have had to adhere to a tight schedule to ensure the shortest possible time between the preparation of material and its publication. The reward for all this is largely the hope that the book will be of use to pharmacists who are committed to improving their clinical skills.

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Author: Linda J Dodds Ed.
Year: 2013
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Publisher: Pharmaceutical Press
Number of Pages: 736
Edition: 5
ISBN -10: 0857110918
ISBN-13: 978-0857110916
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