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FASTtrack Chemistry of Drugs Book FreeFASTtrack: Chemistry of Drugs will undoubtedly be useful for stabilizing the rogue leg of that annoyingly wobbly 1960s coffee table in the “lounge” of your shared student house. It could also be profitably employed to wedge the toilet door shut now that the locking bolt has fallen off, or even find use as an aid to sleep when you find yourself suffering insomnia. Its more prosaic use, however, but yet the use for which it was lovingly crafted by its authors, is as a revision aid for Pharmacy students who are preparing for examinations involving organic chemistry, elementary medicinal chemistry, and biochemistry.

A detailed knowledge and understanding of the chemistry of drugs is fundamental to the discipline of Pharmacy. Such knowledge and understanding allows the practicing Pharmacist to appreciate the methods by which drugs are synthesized, the ways in which they are analyzed and tested prior to licensing and marketing, and the ways in which they are quality assured in manufacture. It is the chemistry of the molecules that is responsible for their pharmacological activity; it is their chemistry that determines the ways in which they are formulated as medicines; and it is their chemistry that determines their stability on the shelf in the home, and their stability and fate within the human body.

Written by experts in the field and furnished with over 300 figures, this well illustrated resource offers an accessible introduction to subjects that are fundamental to pharmaceutical science. It covers all the key aspects of organic chemistry, elementary medicinal chemistry, and biochemistry, required by undergraduate pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences students.

Metadata of FASTtrack: Chemistry of Drugs

Reference Type:  Book
Record Number: 7
Author: Barlow, David and Mountford, David
Year: 2014
Title: FASTtrack: Chemistry of Drugs
Series Title: FASTtrack
Place Published: London, UK
Publisher: Pharmaceutical Press
Number of Pages: 273
Edition: 1st
ISBN: 978 0 85711 083 1
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Barlow D, Mountford D. FASTtrack: Chemistry of Drugs. 1st ed. London, UK: Pharmaceutical Press; 2014. 273 p.

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