Grammarly – a Grammatical Mistakes Correcting App for ESL Learners

ESL Learners and their difficulties with Grammar:

Whether you have been there for a while or you are just getting started, you will always agree that learning English is a tough road to hit. You get lost between discovering new vocabulary and trying to develop your fluency and many other aspects of becoming an ESL LearnerEnglish as a Second Language -, but most importantly, the greatest fear of every English learner has always been “Grammar.”

20160818154044-491searchbannerads4_300x250As a matter of fact, grammar is the most difficult part of any language to grasp for an ESL, though the most crucial one. From learning complex rules to applying them in your use of language is a great challenge for a learner. What are you learning English for? Whether you are a high school student in need of a high grade or just learning English to boost your job resume, you will need a confident command of grammar to reach your goal. Moreover, silly grammatical mistakes in a job resume might lead an employer to turn a blind eye to your application, regardless of your skill set. Yes, Life is that cruel.

Learning a second language can be tough, I know. Even when you study for years, the feeling is that there’s always something new for you to learn. This is quite normal, believe me. I bet even native speakers struggle sometimes with grammar and spelling issues. So the good news is: you are not alone.

English is not my first language. I started learning it when I was pretty young, but I still get myself a bit confused about certain spellings or if I got that verb tense right. When I moved to Canada, I realized that I cannot let these hesitations become a problem. How can I apply for a job if my resume carries grammar mistakes? This can be even a bigger issue when I am applying for jobs related to the Communication area!

Importance of correct grammar in writing:

So, as a part of your learning journey, a great way to enhance your grammar is to have your writings constantly checked for grammatical mistakes and errors. This will not only help you avoid embarrassing situations where your command of language seems poor, but also help you understand grammar in a more advanced form. However, getting someone to review your writings all the time is just ridiculous, and your English teacher will never have the extra time for you after class, they always have that one important thing to do.

You maybe won’t work in Marketing like me, but your resume should be just as sharp as anyone else’s. Misspelling on the cover letter? Bad news for you! Wrong punctuation on that University paperwork like theses, dissertations, reports and assignments? That is quite a shame. Can you risk getting a negative from that job application, or a lesser grade because of that? Sure, we have some grammar checks available in text editors like Microsoft Word, but are they enough?

Is there any grammar correcting software or app in the market?

So what can you do? Luckily, you live in the 21st century and technology has gone far beyond your expectations. A handful of grammar correction applications are out there that you might have never heard of!

So I started digging the web for some professional help. Google helped me a lot with this one; I have to say. There are a lot of proofreading professional people willing to check your papers or resume, but I was not willing to pay an enormous amount for that just yet. Besides, I needed something to help me all the time, not only for one single job.

Luckily, I did not need to resort to that. There are a few, but good professional apps that can help with anything from simple grammar to even helping you rephrase your whole sentence. Best part? Most of these feature for free.

Tools like Ginger and After the Deadline offer some neat features like a dictionary and advanced style checking, both for free (Ginger has a premium version with some extra options), while Grammarly claims it can correct over 250 types of grammatical mistakes, contextual spelling and even poor vocabulary (with substitution suggestion).

How Grammarly Helps Writers:

With a more than the decent user interface, Grammarly helps writers of all levels –from beginner to professional– write in both correct grammar and fluent style. The application automatically detects grammatical errors, spelling and punctuation mistakes, and even suggests synonyms for simple vocabulary. Highlight a word to see its definition and suggested synonyms for different meanings of the word, as the app has a plugged-in thesaurus. Moreover, explanation of errors allows you to learn from your mistakes, the more you write, the more you learn.

Features of Grammarly:

What struck me the most with Grammarly was the plugins available? I found that Grammarly can be added to the Chrome browser (making blogging, e-mail writing, online chats, and many other tasks much easier) and even to Microsoft Word, boosting my basic native grammar check.

After I had downloaded the software on my computer (and added the Chrome and Word plugins), I realized how many tiny mistakes I was making without even noticing! I discovered e-mails with wrong phrasal structure and even misspelled in my resume. Despair and bliss at the same time! See the images below.

Auto detection of mistakes occurred in writing using Grammarly MS Word Add-in

Auto detection of mistakes occurred in writing using Grammarly MS Word Add-in

Explanation of mistakes in MS Word File by a single click

Explanation of errors in MS Word File by a single click

Home tutor help: More detailed explanation of mistakes

Home tutor help: More detailed explanation of mistakes

Learn and improve as you go with Grammarly

Learn and improve as you go with Grammarly

I immediately suggest my friend give it a try —she is a college student and writes a lot for school purposes. Her mind was blown! It is amazing how we tend to think that those basic Office grammar checks are enough when they simply aren’t when we are talking about extensive writing.

Grammarly free version, both desktop, Chrome and Word plugins, offers to check for grammar mistakes, punctuation, and contextual spelling. It is also good with rewriting article when you double click it suggests possible synonyms which you can add to rewrite.

Double click suggests possible synonyms in ediitng mode online

Double click suggests possible synonyms in editing mode online

One of my favorite tools is the vocabulary check: Grammarly will warn you about overused words, suggesting substitutes to make your text richer. The app also points out the use of passive voice and even lets you choose between American and British spelling.

Double click suggests word definitions while you are online

Double click suggests word definitions while you are online

Grammarly also offers a premium version that includes an even more comprehensive checking, like style and sentence structure checking and customized vocabulary suggestion, according to your audience. The app allows you to select the type of document you are writing (business, academic report, medical, non-fiction novel, personal e-mail and so on and so forth), to make sure that you’re writing is accordingly to your reader. How can this get any better?

The software can be used in different forms. You can either use the program itself to write/paste directly for instant corrections or use one of the plugins offered. Grammarly offers plugins for most web browsers and also for Microsoft Office Word, providing excellent service everywhere on your computer!

MS Word add-in Ribbon for Quick Access to Error Types

MS Word add-in Ribbon for Quick Access to Checkers

Another premium tool includes a plagiarism check, which I guess can be pretty useful to business and academic writing alike. If you turn it on, the app will read your text and compare to online content found on the web, indicating how much of your writing is original.

Grammarly weekly digest emails:

Grammarly is occupied with weekly digest email service which gives their subscribers clear insights to search out a quick update on how you’ve been getting on. In view of the fact that there are a small text and a nice use of color, it assists you an easy way to read quickly, get up to date, and get a move on your day. Also, it offers a good amount of statistics and frequently made mistakes which allow improving the writings more correctly and efficiently.

Grammarly sends a weekly digest via email on your usage with tips to improve your English writing

Grammarly sends a weekly digest via email on your usage with tips to improve your English writing

Facebook Status and Grammarly:

Writing correct or good grammar efficiency makes a good business sense — and not even when it appears at the time of hiring writers or writing your Facebook status. The significance of writing correctly is very prominent everywhere. At present, we have seen that Facebook users are careful about writing Facebook status. They frequently make mistakes in spelling and mostly avoid the grammar, punctuation in a large manner. This creates a great effect on their life.

Do you want grammarly to check the errors on facebook?

Do you want Grammarly to check the errors on facebook?

Correct mistakes in your facebook status using grammarly

Correct mistakes in your facebook status

What are the errors in your facebook status and why

What are the errors in your facebook status and why?

Most students have found writing wrong short form of the words in their scripts (e.g. your- ur, great- gr8, by the way-BTW). They hardly make mistakes in the subconscious mind. But this creates severe mischievous in their academic life. With “Grammarly” website you will never be facing such embarrassment as it identifies every minute error in accurate detail.

Online correction for bloggers:

The online correction tools help to correct a great number of grammar use and spelling mistakes. Most of the grammar corrector tools are used to execute a grammar check based on common English grammar rules, but these tools are not capable of identifying the majority of grammar mistakes. Therefore, a vast range of typical writing errors is unnoticed. In most of the cases, free online grammar checkers or tools are used to flag mistakes but do not advocate making any corrections. Some online correction tools use pioneering and groundbreaking technology to identify grammar and spelling mistakes in sentences and to make them correct with unmatched accuracy.

Features of

Features of

But you have to purchase it from online. From singular vs plural mistakes to the most complicated sentence or tense mistakes, most paid online correction tools identify the errors easily and correct them efficiently. Some online correction tools or plugins have included some other useful features like Plagiarism detection and  Vocabulary enhancement which helps to improve the writing immensely. I think, this is one of the finest features of online correction for bloggers because it works smoothly on WordPress admin division.

Why you should use Grammarly:

By using website, you can save lots of time and effort which is supposed to be spent on detailed inspection of every minute mistake which may or may not be identifiable unless it’s inspected several times. Not only can you save time but you can also improve your structure of writing by the special built-in features. Below is the detailed description of the provided features

  • Spelling test: It helps you identify the misspelled words quickly and accurately.
  • Grammatical test: It can pinpoint every minute grammatical error of all sorts in punctuation.
  • Style: It will also provide alternative structure helping you to enhance your style of writing.
  • Plagiarism test: It by far provides the smoothest and fastest plagiarism test, running scripts all over the Internet.
  • British vs. American English: it can distinguish the format of English in which the content is presented.

Grammarly vs. a Human Proofreader:

Although with all the above-provided features, “Grammarly” website can still not be compared with human proofreading as no matter how accurate or how fast it works, it still cannot provide the outcome of a human proofreader and is only limited to its functionality. As mentioned earlier it can only identify spelling, punctuation and a few structural errors like passive voices, repeatedly used words and jargon. “Grammarly” website is good for those who tend to write a lot of everyday as it makes your work quicker and easier correcting the mistyped words and punctuation which is not quite possible for a mere human to identify such heavy loads of work in such short span of time. In any case, “Grammarly” website promises to provide the best service which no other website can, at least not as good as “Grammarly” website.

Grammarly Premium Pricing and Does it Worth?:

Grammarly Premium Plans and Pricing

Grammarly Premium Plans and Pricing

You can opt for the Grammarly subscription pack which avails at $29 (too expensive) per month which may look unnecessary, the Premium version of Grammarly consists of additional features describes the reason of how and why errors are considered to be errors i.e. it provides a detailed study of grammar which is not available in the free package.

Side-by-Side Comparison of Free & Premium Accounts

Side-by-Side Comparison of Free & Premium Accounts

Helpful features for Gramamrly registered members

Helpful features for Gramamrly registered members

If you happen to be a beginner in English or if English isn’t one of your strong aspects, then it is recommended that you opt for the Premium package as it explains and teaches you the different types of errors, why the errors occur and how to get over it, without which it will be quite tough to learn and improve your fluency. And at a price of $29 per month it sure sounds quite reasonable considering the amount of knowledge provided and also Grammarly offers a discount on quarterly packages. It is notable that Grammarly auto-renew your purchase before it expires, so it is good to deactivate auto-renew to avoid charging your card without notifying you. They do not refund in this case.

Do Free Registration with Grammarly:

Grammarly is undoubtedly a great app for non-English speakers, hands down. Sure, it can be used by anyone, but myself being an ESL learner, I found this a perfect tool to open my eyes to mistakes I was not noticing before, and deliver writing jobs close to perfection.

Grammarly puts you just a few clicks away from getting one grade higher or grabbing an employer’s attention to your job resume.

With all that being said if you don’t plan on buying the Premium package initially, you can still feel free to try out the free plugin of Grammarly by just following these simple steps instructed as follows:

First step:

The first step is going to home page and add it to your web browser (Chrome, Firefox, and Safari only) that is totally free. Grammarly is not supported to Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer.

Grammarly Browser Compatibility: Chrome, Firefox and Safari Only

Grammarly Browser Compatibility: Chrome, Firefox and Safari Only

First Step - Click on Add to Chrome

1st Step – Click on “Add to Chrome” or “Add to FireFox” or “Add to Safari”

Second Step:

When you have downloaded Chrome version, add an extension to your chrome. And you can use Grammarly everywhere in your chrome. Isn’t that amazing?

Second Step - Click on Add Extension

2nd Step – Click on “Add extension”

Third Step:

Get yourself registered with an Email address. Add your name email and password. Plus also mention your description. What are you, native, nonnative. Once you’re registered, all Grammarly features will be available for no cost at all. It is all very simple. Only two minutes process.

You can directly register yourself through your Facebook account instead of providing your email and sign up the traditional way.

Third Step: Easy Sign up using Facebook Permission

3rd Step: Easy Sign up using Facebook Permission

Forth Step:

Continue the sign-up process by confirming with facebook notification popup.

4th Step: Continuing sign up using facebook

4th Step: Continuing sign up using facebook

Fifth Step:

Once logged in through Facebook Grammarly will automatically use your Facebook name, profile picture, and email. You need to set a password manually for accessing Grammarly. This password should be different that of facebook’s password.

5th Step: Opening grammarly account does not use facebook password - creat your own

5th Step: Opening Grammarly account do not require facebook password – create your own here for Grammarly

Welcome to Grammarly:

You are almost there. Now, it is the time to choose your plan. Even if you don’t go for the premium plan, you get free one-week premium service in the basic free account for referring any friend successfully.

7th Step: Choose your plan - You can start with Free

7th Step: Choose your plan – You can start with Free

Ready to use:

This is the last step you can paste your text directly and can generate your reports, or you can download your Microsoft Office version of Grammarly. And above all this is all free.

Final Step - Install your free plugin for MS Word

Final Step – Install your free plugin for MS Word

ACT NOW: Click on the Image Below


English writing can be hard, I know. However, at least with Grammarly, most of the hassle can be gone.



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