Health Economics (Pharmacy Business Administration Series)

Health Economics (Pharmacy Business Administration Series) 1st EdBook Reviews: American health care is in crisis; the system is broken and must be fixed – words that are spoken so often that they have become part of the American lexicon. Every day Americans hear about the high costs of prescription drugs; that millions of Americans are uninsured; that without health insurance coverage a stay in hospital can bankrupt the patient in a matter of days; that health care costs are out of control; that the poor and disadvantaged have trouble finding access into the health care system to receive care – the list of problems appears endless.

Another word that has become part of the American language when speaking about the American health care system is ‘reform.’ The authors will cover the uninsured through state or national health insurance programs; The authors will include more preventive care in insurance benefits to keep Americans healthy in order to ward off more serious and costly illnesses at a later date; The authors will make drugs affordable for the elderly by including such a benefit under Medicare; The authors must control the cost of technology and not use it unnecessarily – the list of reforms goes on.

While these actions are true on the surface, they do not represent the complexity and reality of the health care system as it actually functions. That is why this book was written. It is the purpose of the book to explain to the reader and give the reader an understanding in practical terms of the economic complexity of each of the fields that constitute the US health care system along with the major problems or issues with which each of these fields must contend. While each field is part of the overall health care system, in reality each of these fields occupies its own particular universe in and of itself, apart from the rest of the health care system with its own particular economics. There is an old saying that ‘if you are not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem.’ To be part of the solution in resolving the US health care crisis requires some fundamental knowledge of this field.

Any proposed solutions will necessitate the input of many people both within and outside the health care field. But no one can help resolve the US health care problem if they do not basically understand the nature of the field itself. This book will present readers with such a basic knowledge and understanding so that they can contribute their own inputs, so that every American today and those who are yet to be born can and will be able to live in as healthful a state as possible and receive health services, when needed, at prices that are reasonable for all Americans to afford.

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Author: Jordan Braverman
Year: 2009
Place Published: London, UK
Publisher: Pharmaceutical Pr
Number of Pages: 384
Edition: 1
ISBN -10: 0853698678
ISBN-13: 978-0853698678
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