Hospital Pre-registration Pharmacist Training

Hospital Pre registration Pharmacist Training Book Review: Hospital Pre-registration Pharmacist Training provides a practical explanation for undergraduates and pre-registration trainees on what to expect from a hospital pre- registration pharmacist training programme. Let’s read the preface of the book written by the authors:

“From our involvement with pre-registration training for almost all of our careers in different guises, and more recently the management of the preregistration programme at Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust, we thought that it would be useful to put our experiences into a book for others to share and benefit from. The idea originated when Aamer was in charge of the pre-registration programme and his trainees often said to him ‘You have so many stories, you could write a book’; well after a number of years this is indeed what we have done.

We hope that this book will benefit those of you who are either considering hospital pharmacy as your chosen area for pre-registration training or currently in a hospital pre-registration placement. We hope that by reading our book you realise that you are not the only ones having these training experiences; this is particularly the case for those of you who are in smaller pre-registration teams when there is no one else to talk to and share your experiences – good or bad.

Although the book is focused primarily on hospital pharmacy, we anticipate that many of the things that we discuss are equally applicable in any other sector of pharmacy. We hope that you enjoy reading our book because this is the first book of its type focusing on the actual experiences, and emotions, of completing a hospital pre-registration training year.”

With tips, hints, past experiences and anecdotes from the authors in their roles as pre-registration tutors, this accessible book provides encouragement and guidance throughout the pre-registration process.

Many areas are covered, including:

  • getting to know your workplace, your tutor and team
  • looking for your first job
  • preparing for the registration exam
  • making the transition from student to professional
  • finding specialist placements.

Bibliographical data of Hospital Pre-registration Pharmacist Training

Reference Type: Book
Record Number: 21
Author: Safdar, Aamer and Ip, Shirley
Year: 2009
Title: Hospital Pre-registration Pharmacist Training
Place Published: London, UK
Publisher: Pharmaceutical Press
Number of Pages: 198
ISBN: 9780853697855
Buy: Get it on Amazon

Citation in NLM style:

Safdar A, Ip S. Hospital Pre-registration Pharmacist Training. London, UK: Pharmaceutical Press; 2009. 198 p.

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