Introduction to Pharmaceutical Calculations 4th Edition

Introduction to Pharmaceutical CalculationsBook Review: Introduction to Pharmaceutical Calculations is your comprehensive guide to successfully performing pharmaceutical calculations. Now in its fourth edition, this popular book covers everything you need to know to pass those all important pharmacy calculation exams.

Written by experienced pharmacy lecturers and a teacher practitioner, this book will help you tackle every type of pharmaceutical calculation and is ideal for both students and pre-regs. The layout of the book is, first, to introduce the reader to the proportional sets approach to solving calculation, and second, to explain the system of units used in pharmacy and the conversion between units. Third the main part of the book applies the proportional sets approach and system of units to pharmaceutical examples.

Fourth, the final part of the book is a series of appendices on long division, multiplication and how to deal with fractions, and general information.

What’s New in this 4th Edition

Every chapter contains learning objectives, worked examples and sample questions and has been fully updated.

Brand new features include:

  • Introduction (including expert tips for approaching calculations)
  • Doses in children
  • More images and diagrams

In the new edition the author has updated material and added an initial explanatory chapter. They have also expanded the information about calculation of doses, with one chapter for adults and one chapter for children. Within each chapter the authors have also tried to set the scene more for the reader by relating the type of calculation to practice.

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Buy: Get it on Amazon

Citation in NLM style:

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