Introduction to Clinical Pharmacology 8th Ed

introduction-to-clinical-pharmacology-8th-edBook Reviews: Introduction to Clinical Pharmacology, 8th edition, is designed specifically to provide the right level and depth of pharmacology content for LPN/LVN students. Several continuing trends have dictated the focus of this new edition. First, clinicians continue to see the removal of many of the drugs that have been on the market for three to four decades as they are gradually being retired from the market. Trade names known for many years have disappeared and even the variety of generic products has been reduced. Some-times newer products take their places, but often times, older products are just no longer available in the United States. In some cases this may lead to drug shortages of some products. Second, many more drugs have become available over the counter. This means that patients may self-diagnose and treat and never have a chance to benefit from nurse-directed patient education. The move to OTC does not always mean that the medication is safer so patients may be at greater risk for medication errors, particularly in dosages, reactions to some unsuspected ingredients, and lack of recognition of adverse effects- Third, direct-to-consumer.

  • A focus on understanding drug classes rather than memorizing individual drugs helps you understand the actions and uses of drug classes and provides a framework for safe, effective practice as new drugs are introduced to the market.
  • Get Ready for the NLCEX Examination! section includes Review Questions, Case Studies, Critical Thinking Questions and a Drug Calculation Review to help you prepare for pharmacology questions on the NCLEX-PN Exam.
  • Application of the nursing process to each drug class is provided in the Nursing Implications and Patient Teaching section and always covers Assessment, Diagnosis, Planning, Implementation, Evaluation, and Patient and Family Teaching.
  • Drug Calculation Review questions reinforce your drug calculation and math skills in the context of clinical practice.
  • Case studies in all drug chapters offer practice in applying information to realistic clinical situations and help you prepare for the NCLEX-PN Examination.
  • Critical thinking questions at the end of each chapter promote higher-level thinking skills while reinforcing key concepts.
  • 30 must-know drugs ― those most commonly prescribed ― are highlighted with special icons and listed on the inside cover for quick reference.
  • A study guide corresponds to the textbook and offers a wide variety of exercises, learning activities, and review questions to reinforce your understanding of nursing pharmacology. Available separately.
  • Clarity and readability make the content easy to learn.
  • Key content is highlighted, with features such as Clinical Goldmines, Clinical Pitfalls, Memory Joggers, Lifespan Considerations, and Complementary and Alternative Therapies boxes.
  • Consistent chapter format covers each drug class with Action, Uses, Adverse Reactions, Drug and Food Interactions, and Nursing Implications and Patient Teaching sections.
  • Vivid, full-color design includes more than 100 drawings and photographs.
  • Do Not Confuse drug list is located on the inside cover for quick reference, helping you avoid drug errors with common look-alike or sound-alike drug names.
  • Canadian drug icons identify trade-name drugs available only in Canada.
  • Glossary includes all of the book’s key terms plus additional terminology that will be helpful in clinical practice, with audio pronunciations on Evolve.
  • NEW! Review of math and drug dosage calculation on the Evolve companion website provides hands-on practice with essential pharmacology.

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Author: Marilyn Winterton Edmunds
Year: 2015
Place Published: St. Louis Missouri
Publisher: Mosby
Number of Pages: 496
Edition: 8
ISBN -10: 032318765X
ISBN-13: 978-0323187657
Kindle Available: ASIN: B00GBJ97HQ
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