Introduction to Renal Therapeutics

Introduction to Renal Therapeutics 1st EdBook Reviews: Welcome to the first edition of the Introduction to Renal Therapeutics. In 1995, the UK Renal Pharmacy Group recognized that there was a lack of readily accessible information for pharmacists, either with an interest in renal medicine, or newly appointed as specialist practitioners in the renal field. As a result, members of the RPG wrote and produced the Beginner’s Guide to Renal Pharmacy. It was designed to be a comprehensive introductory guide to the causes, effects and management of renal failure, and as such, a copy has since been given to each new member of the RPG. In addition, the Beginner’s Guide has become required reading for some post-graduate pharmacy courses.

The Beginner’s Guide has now been updated and expanded to become the Introduction to Renal Therapeutics. This guide has been written by practicing renal pharmacists and other healthcare professionals who work in rental units. The mix of authors and the depth of their ‘hands on’ experience has been used to provide a text that directs the reader to the important factors in renal therapies. It highlights points that may not be readily accessible in any other single text, but still bears in mind the practitioner new to renal pharmacy.

The authors would like to take this opportunity to thank all those pharmacists, dieticians and nurses who have contributed chapters for this book. Writing these chapters requires an enormous amount of time and effort, and everyone has given unstintingly of both. The authors hope that this book will be of use to all those pharmacists who aspire to become a specialist renal pharmacist, as well as those who just wish to improve their renal knowledge.

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Author: Caroline Ashley
Year: 2008
Place Published: London, UK
Publisher: Pharmaceutical Pr
Number of Pages: 320
Edition: 1
ISBN -10: 0853696888
ISBN-13: 978-0853696889
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