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Book Reviews: Pharmacy law and ethics rarely raise excitement amongst pharmacists or pharmacy technicians and yet along with the knowledge of drugs and their uses they form the foundation upon which pharmacy practice is built.

Pharmacy is a combination of science and art; the science requires painstaking attention to detail and accuracy, whilst the art involves the caring skills utilized for the benefit of patients and the public generally.

Legislation is generally couched in legal terminology that makes it difficult to understand; it tends to be general rather than provide specific information that says what must be done. In many cases its interpretation is open to discussion and yet the penalties for failing to comply can be severe. Ignorance of law is not an acceptable defense; however much depends upon knowledge of the impact of precedence and interpretation. Understanding how laws are made, how they come into effect and how they are enforced is key to understanding them importance to the pharmacist practitioner. It is from this basis that this book aims to cover key legislation affecting pharmacy.

Whilst law is seen as black and white – you either comply with it or you don’t – ethics is often viewed as shades of grey. Professional ethics is all about doing the ‘right’ thing – the challenge is to balance the ‘rights’ of individuals and organizations – and often results in solving challenging situations and dilemmas. Like legislation, reference to a code of ethics rarely provides practitioners with the answer to their specific quandary. The approach taken with this publication is to cover the four-basic healthcare ethical principles as set out by Beauchamp and Childress (2008) and build upon these towards an understanding of ethics specific to pharmacy.

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Author: Ruth Rodgers, Catherine Dewsbury, Andrew Lea
Year: 2010
Place Published: London
Publisher: pharmaceutical press
Number of Pages: 176
Edition: 1st
ISBN -10: 0853698856
ISBN-13: 978-0853698852
Kindle Available: NO
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