Managing Symptoms in the Pharmacy (Fast Track) 2nd ED

Book Reviews: Are your exams coming up? Are you drowning in textbooks and lecture notes and wondering where to begin? Take the FASTtrack route to successful study for your examinations. FASTtrack is a new series of indispensable revision/study guides created especially for pharmacy students. Each book focuses on what pharmacy students really need to know in order to pass exams, providing concise, bulleted information, key points, tips and an all-important self-assessment section which includes MCQs, case studies, sample essay questions and worked examples. The FASTtrack series provides the ultimate lecture notes and is a must-have for all pharmacy students wanting to study and test themselves for forthcoming exams. Addressing all common ailments, organised by system in alphabetical order, FASTtrack: Managing Symptoms in the Pharmacy provides all the essential information needed for managing symptoms presented in the pharmacy. This new edition has been revised and updated and includes new self-assessment questions and a new chapter on menstrual disorders.

Bibliographical Data of Managing Symptoms in the Pharmacy (Fast Track) 2nd ED

Reference Type: Book
Record Number: xx
Author: Alan Nathan
Year: 2012
Place Published: London, Chicago.
Publisher: Pharmaceutical Press
Number of Pages: 240
Edition: 2nd
ISBN -10: 0857110608
ISBN-13: 978-0857110602
Kindle Available: NO
Buy: Get it on Amazon

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