Martindale: The Complete Drug Reference (Complete Drug Reference (Martindale)) 38th Ed

Martindale: The Complete Drug Reference (Complete Drug Reference (Martindale)) 38th EdBook Reviews: The aim of Martindale is to provide healthcare professionals with unbiased evaluated information on drugs and medicines used throughout the world. It therefore has to develop as the body of knowledge on existing drugs grows, new drugs emerge, new preparations are launched, and old preparations are abandoned, reformulated, or redefined. It also has to reflect the changing needs of those practicing pharmacy and medicine.

The authors try to ensure that each new edition continues to meet all these needs. In order to provide more up-to-date information the interval between the publication of the printed versions of Martindale has been reduced over successive editions and the book is now produced about every 2 years.

For those who require even more up-to-date information from Martindale there are various electronic versions, sections of which are updated more frequently.

Philosophy and methodology:

  • to summarize clinically useful information on all drugs and medicines around the world
  • to provide accurate, unbiased, reasonably comprehensive, and regularly reevaluated information in a concise format
  • to provide a lead-in to the published evidence base from which The authors derive our information

Atomic and Molecular Weights:

Atomic weights are based on the table of Atomic Weights as revised in 2007 by the Commission on Atomic Weights and Isotopic Abundance, International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) and based on the 12C scale (see page xiii). Molecular weights are given corrected to one place of decimals or to four significant figures for relative weights of less than 100.


The selected pharmacopoeias in which each substance appears are listed. A description of the substance and a summary of the pharmaceutical information (see below) that appears in the British, European, or US Pharmacopoeias is also included. Current copies of the pharmacopoeias and their addenda should be consulted for confirmation and for details of standards.

Pharmacological and Therapeutic Information:

Information on adverse effects, treatment of adverse effects, precautions (including contra-indications), interactions, pharmacokinetics, and uses and administration of each substance is provided by concise statements and these may be elaborated and expanded by referenced reviews and abstracts from papers and other publications. This edition contains about 15 000 such abstracts or reviews based on information in an ever widening range of publications.

Bibliographical Data of Martindale: The Complete Drug Reference (Complete Drug Reference (Martindale)) 38th Ed

Reference Type: Book
Record Number: XX
Author: Alison Ed Brayfield
Year: 2014
Place Published: London, UK
Publisher: Pharmaceutical Press
Number of Pages: 4160
Edition: 38
ISBN -10: 0857111396
ISBN-13: 978-0857111395
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