Martin’s Physical Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences – 6th edition

Book Review: Martin’s Physical Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences is considered the most comprehensive text available on the application of the physical, chemical and biological principles in the pharmaceutical sciences. It helps students, teachers, researchers, and industrial pharmaceutical scientists use elements of biology, physics, and chemistry in their work and study. Since the first edition was published in 1960, the text has been and continues to be a required text for the core courses of Pharmaceutics, Drug Delivery, and Physical Pharmacy.

What’s new in this 6th edition?

The Sixth Edition of Martin’s physical pharmacy and pharmaceutical represents an updating of most chapters, a significant expansion of others, and the addition of new chapters in order to reflect the applications of the physical chemical principles that are important to the Pharmaceutical Sciences today.

Important changes include :

  • Chapters are reorganized, improving the organization and flow of the text.
  • Two new chapters offer the latest information on pharmaceutical biotechnology and solid oral dosage forms.
  • Completely rewritten chapters present current concepts in drug delivery and targeting, pharmaceutical polymers, and interpretive skills needed for pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists.
  • Highlight color added to reinforce key concepts in artwork and heighten book’s visual appeal.

Bibliographical data of Martin’s Physical Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Sixth edition

Author: Patrick J. Sinko

Year : 2010

Title: Martin’s Physical Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Place Published: Philadelphia, USA

Publisher: Lippincott Williams and Wilkins

Number of Pages: 672

Edition: 6th

ISBN: 9781609134020

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