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McGraw-Hill's PCATBook Reviews: The number of Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT) test takers has doubled since 2001-and that number continues to grow. McGraw-Hill’s PCAT provides comprehensive review of every test topic while preparing you for the new format of the test that was instituted in June 2007. With sample tests, test-taking strategies, and intricate scientific illustrations, you’ll have all the preparation you need to perform at your very best on test day.

This book has been created by a dedicated team of scientists, teachers, and test-prep experts. Together, they have helped thousands of students score high on all kinds of exams, from rigorous science tests to difficult essay-writing assignments. They have pooled their knowledge, experience, and test-taking expertise to make this the most effective PCAT preparation program available.

Different people have different ways of preparing for a test like the PCAT. You must find a preparation method that suits your schedule and your learning style. The authors have tried to make McGraw-Hill’s PCAT flexible enough for you to use in a way that works best for you, but to succeed on this rigorous exam, there’s no substitute for serious, intensive review and study. The more time and effort you devote to preparing, the better your chances of achieving your PCAT goals.

Bibliographical Data of McGraw-Hill’s PCAT 1st Ed

Reference Type: Book
Record Number: XX
Author: George J. Hademenos, Kathy Zahler
Year: 2008
Place Published: London, UK
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education
Number of Pages: 608
Edition: 1
ISBN -10: 0071600450
ISBN-13: 978-0071600453
Buy: Get it on Amazon

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