MCQs in Clinical Pharmacy

MCQs in Clinical Pharmacy 1st EdBook Reviews: This book edited by Lilian Azzopardi is aimed at helping pharmacy students and pharmacists to grasp the principles of clinical pharmacy during their career development. The book presents 320 multiple-choice questions, and for each question a concise answer is given. It is highly practical, short and to the point. As a seasoned examiner, I would recommend it as a useful revision aid.

Another characteristic of the book is that it shifts the focus from theory to clinical applications, reflecting the growing trend to change critical appraisals into clinical action. The examples feature real case histories, providing the opportunity to simulate actual practice, where multiple problems are presented, decisions need to be taken, and the required monitoring of the patient may be influenced by the occurrence of concurrent disease states.

This context, where multiple problem scenarios are presented, stimulates the candidate to think and generate ideas similar to those required in practice, where an holistic approach is required for optimum management. The questions addressing the cases are developed so as to stress the general principles and concepts that can be applied to other situations, as well as to discuss issues that are particular to the patient.

I am confident that the book reflects the enthusiasm Lilian and her colleagues have for the practice of clinical pharmacy and for developing problem-based learning approaches in teaching and career development. Clinical pharmacy is the basis for pharmaceutical care. Therefore it is very relevant that the book extends its parameters to include practical issues related to the development of pharmaceutical care plans, drug therapy selection and drug therapy monitoring. Again, as it draws strongly on the practical aspect, the book should also be used by pharmacists for continuing professional development in the area of clinical pharmacy, including those serving society in all aspects of pharmaceutical care.

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Reference Type: Book
Record Number: XX
Author: Lilian Azzopardi
Year: 2007
Place Published: London, UK
Publisher: Pharmaceutical Pr
Number of Pages: 304
Edition: 1
ISBN -10: 0853696667
ISBN-13: 978-0853696667
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