Migraine and other Headaches

Book Reviews: Migraine affects up to 15% of the UK population and countless more suffer from other forms of headache, such as chronic tension headaches and headaches from medication overuse. However, many people never visit a GP with their symptoms, thinking that nothing can be done.

Every headache is unique to the individual, but with careful diagnosis, most headaches can be managed through preventative treatment and pain relief medications. Other measures, such as diet and lifestyle change can also help, as can professional medical guidance.

This all-encompassing guide answers over 590 real patient questions about headaches, giving you the opportunity to really understand your headache and the best way to treat it.

  • Information on all the different types of migraine and their symptoms, plus guidance on the other most common types of headaches
  • Advice about medication, complementary therapies and self-help measures
  • Warnings about ‘red flags’: how to recognize symptoms of something potentially more serious
  • Questions for you to answer: what your doctor and specialist nurse need to know and why
  • Answers to questions about children and headaches, women and hormones, and research for the future

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Reference Type: Book
Record Number: xx
Author: Manuela Fontebasso
Year: 2006
Place Published: London
Publisher: Class Publishing
Number of Pages: 332
Edition: 1st
ISBN -10: 1859591493
ISBN-13: 978-1859591499
Kindle Available: NO
Buy: Get it on Amazon

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