Modern Pharmaceutics Two Volume Set – Fifth Edition

Modern Pharmaceutics informa healthcaremodern pharmaceutics v2Book Review: Modern Pharmaceutics helps you stay current with the basic sciences, systems, applications, and advances in drug development—from materials used in formulations and dosage form design and manufacture, to testing in clinical trials.

Volume 1 addresses the core disciplines of pharmaceutics (absorption, PK, excipients, tablet dosage forms, and packaging), and explores the challenges and paradigms of pharmaceutics.

Volume 2 discusses the applications and approaches in advanced drug delivery systems, including transdermal, pulmonary, and ocular routes. In addition, it describes the impact of the shift to personalized medicines in the fields of pharmaceutical biotechnology, pharmacogenomics, and nanotechnology.

What’s new in this 5th edition :

This new edition brings you up-to-date on the role of pharmaceutics and its future paradigms in the design of medicines.

  • Contributions from over 30 international thought leaders cover the core disciplines of pharmaceutics and the impact of biotechnology, gene therapy, and cell therapy on current findings.
  • Improve research and development strategies with brand new content on:
  • methods of in vivo imaging of dosage forms
  • excipients, tablets, and aerosols—from physical chemistry to dosage form
  • solid state drug delivery
  • biotechnology-based pharmaceuticals
  • modern evaluation techniques for medicinal products
  • pharmaceutical nanotechnology and physics
  • pediatric and geriatric medication
  • routes of administration
  • paradigms in pharmaceutical research

Bibliographical data of Modern Pharmaceutics Two Volume Set, Fifth Edition

Author: Alexander T. Florence    Juergen Siepmann

Year : 2009

Title: Modern Pharmaceutics

Place Published: Florida, USA

Publisher: CRC Press

Number of Pages: 1216

Edition: Fifth Edition

ISBN: 9781420065701


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