Nutrition and Oral Medicine

Book Reviews: Nutrition and Oral Medicine was written to fill an existing void in the nutrition and dental literature. The primary aims of this book are to target the known complex, multifaceted relationships between diet/nutrition and oral health. The reader will find chapters focusing on oral and dental diseases and disorders, oral manifestations of systemic diseases, and discussions of the synergy between oral tissues and nutrients. Specific topics, such as diet and head, neck, and oral cancers, are examined in the light of nutrition intervention strategies. Oral and systemic diseases and orofacial pain syndromes are addressed via their relationship and impact on nutrition status, the impact of medications and treatments on the oral cavity and nutrition status. Suggested management strategies are paired with selected topics. Cutting-edge research issues regarding the relationship of individual antioxidants, trace elements, polyphenols, and other nutrient substrates and oral health/disease are covered. The links between compromised immunity, oral infections, systemic disease, and nutrient deficiencies in relation to oral diseases and systemic diseases with oral manifestations are included as well as the impact of impaired host defense on oral and nutrition health.

The book is divided into five sections: oral and general health, nutrition and general health, nutrition and oral health, select oral and systemic diseases with known nutrition and oral health interfaces, and nutrition and oral health education and practice. Chapters in each section examine the research and practice relative to the topic as well as address current issues. Several screening and education tools are included for our readers to use for educational purposes. We hope our colleagues in dental, dietetics, allied health, and medical education and practice, as well as students in the fields of nutrition/dietetics, dentistry, and related disciplines whose research, practice, and education includes nutrition and oral medicine find Nutrition and Oral Medicine a valuable resource.

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Reference Type: Book
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Author: Riva Touger-Decker, Connie Mobley, Joel B. Epstein
Year: 2014
Place Published: New York City
Publisher: Humana Press
Number of Pages: 420
Edition: 2nd
ISBN -10: 1607614898
ISBN-13: 978-1607614890
Kindle Available: NO
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