Paediatric Drug Handling (ULLA Postgraduate Pharmacy Series)

Paediatric Drug Handling (ULLA Postgraduate Pharmacy Series)Book Reviews: Children form a large percentage of the patient population, but they have been a neglected group where medicines are concerned. It is not that children do not have access to medicines, but that few products have been designed and tested specifically for pediatric use. Children are not simply small adults and, although numerous, are not a homogeneous population. The change in the metabolism and pharmacokinetics of drugs in children is rapid in the first few weeks and months of life and even as the child grows the methodology of calculating doses is not precise.

Because of these factors, markets for children’s medicines tend to be small and the range of doses used may be wide for any drug formulation, leading to a lack of attention to pediatric medicines. Because of the paucity of medicines designed and researched specifically for children, the normal regulatory processes for approval of safety and efficacy have been circumvented. Many children are treated with adult medicines used ‘off-license’, employing to the full the skill and judgment of physicians and pharmacists to ensure appropriate drug, dose form and dosing regimen. The notion that it is unethical to trial drugs in children holds no force against the ethical issues raised by the use of medicines that have not undergone the same rigorous licensing that adult medicines have to undergo by law.

Many of the authors have been or are associated with the Centre for Paediatric Pharmacy Research, the joint venture between the School of Pharmacy, University of London and the Institute of Child Health, University College London. In its short existence this has made a considerable impact in drawing attention to many of the above issues. This book is one of the fruits of this essential collaboration.

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Author: Ian Costello
Year: 2007
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Publisher: Pharmaceutical Press
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Edition: 1
ISBN -10: 0853696861
ISBN-13: 978-0853696865
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