Pharmacology Condensed: With STUDENT CONSULT Online Access 2nd Ed

Pharmacology Condensed: With STUDENT CONSULT Online Access 2nd EdBook Reviews: Pharmacology Condensed is, in essence, a companion volume to Rang & Dale’s Pharmacology. each chapter of which is here condensed to a few pages. It is best used in conjunction with Rang & Dale. but could also be used on its own or with another pharmacology textbook. Pharmacology is not conceptually difficult – it does not have the abstruse concepts that characterize theoretical physics or higher mathematics. But there are a great many disparate facts and ideas that have to be mastered, as well as a multitude of hard-to-remember drug names. The key is to appreciate how drugs work. and this requires an understanding of the pathophysiological processes that underlie their action. After you have studied these in a textbook (such as Rang & Dale) which covers the material in detail, a useful way of ensuring that the information stays securely and accessibly in your memory is to be aware. for any particular topic, of what the essential points are. Those points that are easy to remember and which. when brought to

Mind, can call up fuller details. In this book the authors have set out to delineate, in text and summary diagrams. these essential points. Our chapters follow fairly closely the sequence of chapters in Rang & Dale, and use a similar approach in each chapter. The authores have included short summaries of the two chapters in the larger book that describe the cellular mechanisms that are effected by the drugs described in later chapters. Some of the diagrams are derived from. or based on. those in Rang & Dale. but many are quite new: specially designed to summarize the text. And, in order to help with the dauntingly large number of drug names. The authors have. in general. selected one or two important drugs from each group and set them out in bold type, putting others in roman. Our main object is to pinpoint the essential aspects of pharmacology. so that the reader can lodge these securely in his/her mind as pointers to the recall of more detailed material. And, of course, it might also he of value in preparing for examinations. which is not an unacceptable aim.

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Excellent condensed version of full textbook, with few shortcomings though. Chapter on drug metabolism and no mention of (specific) Cyp450 enzyme inhibitors/inductors? Also almost no mention of interactions with natural medicines. Toxicology part missing (exept for overdose symptoms at certain drugs). Cannabinoide chapter deals with hypotetical drugs, nothing readers wouldn’t read, except this is condensed version. Don’t add experimental stuff, anybody serious about pharmacology will also read full version of Range Dale and there is plenty of space for experimental things. Several exotic details present, several important facts absent. Still, this is the best “short” pharmacology book.


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Author: Maureen M. Dale, Dennis G. Haylett
Year: 2009
Place Published: London, Uk
Publisher: Churchill Livingstone
Number of Pages: 132
Edition: 2
ISBN -10: 0443067732
ISBN-13: 978-0443067730
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