Pharmacology for Anaesthesia and Intensive Care 4th Ed

pharmacology-for-anaesthesia-and-intensive-care-4th-edBook Reviews: The style of this fourth edition has remained largely unchanged, as it has proved successful in giving easy access to the contents. In order to keep the overall size similar to previous editions the authors have culled some of the drugs that had provided a historical perspective and reduced the space given to drugs used less commonly.

Drugs that had been discontinued or withdrawn, but more recently been reinstated, are now included in order to remain current. A wide range of drugs that did not exist or were in the trial phase of their development are now included and further add to the breadth of this book. Section 1 has been developed further with a chapter for applied pharmacologic models as the use of total intravenous anesthesia becomes more widespread.

The authors trust that this book will continue to provide current and useful information to the wide readership that it has attracted thus far in its evolution.

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Reference Type: Book
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Author: T.E. Peck, S.A. Hill
Year: 2014
Place Published: Cambridge, England
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Number of Pages: 370
Edition: 4
ISBN -10: 1107657261
ISBN-13: 978-1107657267
Kindle Available: ASIN: B00LB6BOI4
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