Pharmacology for Health Professionals 2nd Ed

Pharmacology for Health Professionals 2nd EdBook Reviews: Ideal for introductory pharmacology courses, LWW’s Pharmacology for the Health Professions offers a concise introduction to pharmacological concepts for students in the health professions. Now in a fully updated Second Edition, this full-color text provides a solid foundation in the basic principles of pharmacology, including the actions, indications, contradictions, and adverse effects of drug classes. A companion website offers animations and self-study materials for students and teaching resources for faculty.

The 2nd edition includes fully-revised drug tables (both in print and online), and new chapters in Math Review and Complementary and Alternative Medicine. It also offers students a wealth of online resources (interactive activities, online modules, and case studies) to help them learn, study, and retain the key concepts from the text/course.

Bibliographical Data of Pharmacology for Health Professionals 2nd Ed

Reference Type: Book
Record Number: XX
Author: Renee Acosta
Year: 2012
Place Published:
Publisher: LWW
Number of Pages: 608
Edition: 2
ISBN -10: 1608315754
ISBN-13: 978-1608315758
Kindle Available: ASIN: B00JH0GITQ
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