Pharmacology for Massage Therapy

Pharmacology for Massage TherapyBook Reviews: Written specifically for massage therapists, this excellent text makes the basics of pharmacology easy to understand. It explains the biochemical and physical effects and actions of a wide variety of drug classes, explores how they move throughout the body, and addresses the use of drugs to prevent and treat diseases.

This cutting-edge text also introduces a deductive reasoning process that can be used to develop safe individualized bodywork protocols for clients receiving drug therapy.

Readers will learn a practical method for assessing the effects of drug therapies on their clients and the implications for massage therapy.

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This book is densely filled with great information for the person who wants to know more about how prescription, OTC and alternative medicines work and how it effects the human body. It is written for a massage therapist, but I think the everyone who takes medication or has family members who take medication should invest in a similar book (for example, The PDR, or The PDR Family Guide). I spent a lot of serious, quiet time reading this book, taking breaks, and highlighting, so I could appreciate all the info. Definitely worth the brain space. 🙂


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Reference Type: Book
Record Number:
Author: Jean Wible
Year: 2004
Place Published: Philadelphia, Us
Publisher: LWW
Number of Pages: 320
Edition: 1
ISBN -10: 0781747988
ISBN-13: 978-0781747981
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