Pharmacology for the EMS Provider 5th Ed

Pharmacology for the EMS Provider 5th EdBook Reviews: Emergency Medial Soviets (EMS) professionals are routinely placed in positions in which quick decisions can mean the difference between life and death specially when administering drugs. Drug administration carries an enormous responsibility, and the knowledge the EMS professional brings to the out-of-hospital setting can make all the difference in a successful patient outcome. Pharmacology for the EMS Pr vider.

fifth edition was revised to fulfill the core module for the pharmacology component of the Personnel Licensure Levels within the EMS Educational Standards. These levels include Emergency Medical Responder (EMR), the Emergency Medical Technician (DKr), the Advanced Emergency Medical Technician (AEMT). and Para-medic. All of these licensure levels include some aspect of pharmacology from the very basic (EMR) to the most advanced (Paramedic). This edition also serves as a comprehensive reference text after graduation for practicing EMS professionals.

The following features should help make learning pharmacology less confusing:

  • aassifications of Drugs—Each drug discussed in the chapter is fisted according to its cLusification(s).
  • Learning Outcomes—List the major content areas to be mastered in the chapter.
  • Key Terms—Chapter key terms are in bold and defined in the text the first time they are used. There is also a comprehensive glossary at the end of the book that includes key term definitions.
  • Introduction—Each chapter includes an introduction to the topics and drugs presented and their relationship to treating emergencies in that specific body system.
  • Drug Monographs—[hug monographs in Chapters 10 through 19 are presented in alphabetical order by generic name. The most common trade name(s) are listed immediately below the generic name.
  • Lees Recap—This presents a final statement regarding the topics and drugs contained in each chapter.
  • Practice Exercises—There arc practice exercises at the end of each chapter for you to review key information presented in the chapter and help you understand the drugs more fully.
  • Case Studies—Each chapter includes case studies to help you work through specific EMS scenarios.

Bibliographical Data of Pharmacology for the EMS Provider 5th Ed

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Author: Richard K. Beck
Year: 2015
Place Published: Philadelphia, Us
Publisher: F.A. Davis Company
Number of Pages: 384
Edition: 5
ISBN -10: 0803643640
ISBN-13: 978-0803643642
Kindle Available: ASIN: B0141GQNEU
Buy: Get it on Amazon

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