Pharmacology For The Prehospital Professional: Revised Ed

Pharmacology For The Prehospital Professional: Revised EdBook Reviews: An unresponsive individual, or “man down,” presents several challenges. What are the potential causes of this patient’s altered level of consciousness? Cardiac arrhythmia, diabetic emergency, seizure, toxic ingestion or overdose, stroke, and traumatic brain injury are only a few of the potential causes. The treatment of each of these conditions requires unique pharmacological interventions.

The treatment priorities for this patient are the same as for all patients: scene safety, airway, breathing, and circulation. You kneel down next to the patient and ensure that her airway is patent and free of vomits. Her respiration are spontaneous and belabored. Your partner checks her oxygen saturation reading and reports that it is 93%. While you place a nonthreatening oxygen mask, you also place her on the cardiac monitor and learn that she is in sinus tachycardia. She begins to have a violent anticyclone seizure. Your partner protects her head and closely monitors her airway.

Pharmacology can he a challenging topic for any healthcare professional to master. Thousands of drugs are in use, all of which have specific actions, indications, dosages, and adverse effects. Several methods of administering drugs exist as well, depending on the tints and the patient. Gliding drug therapy to patients in hectic emergency situations in which little time is available to reflect or consult a reference text is particularly challenging. Try not to approach pharmacology as a topic that requires memorization of a multitude of facts and dosages. Instead, approach it as an opportunity to synthesize and apply all the information you have learned while studying anatomy, physiology, and the management of specific diseases. As you read this text, intermittently stop and reflect on how you will use the information to take action during an emergency. Get comfortable reciting the names and dosages of these medications. Imagine a singer who practices a song to become familiar with the lyrics. The first time you say

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Place Published: St. Louis, Missiuri
Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning
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ISBN -10: 1284038068
ISBN-13: 978-1284038064
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