Pharmacology for the Surgical Technologist 3rd Ed

Pharmacology for the Surgical Technologist, 3rd Edition 3rd EdBook Reviews: More than IS years ago, a committee of instructors met to work on revisions to the Com Curriculum for Surgical Technology. During the meeting, the topic of textbooks surfaced—in particular pharmacology textbooks. It generally was agreed that no adequate pharmacology textbook for surgical technologists existed_ As the discussion progressed and the authors complained about the situation, a question was posed: Welt, are you going to be part of the problem or part of the solution?” This third edition of the textbook is our continuing response to that question. It offers a distinct combination of subject matter.

The tort is organized into three units, each focusing on information specific to the surgical environment. Students will learn a framework of pharmacological principles to apply the information in surgical situation.% review basic math skills, learn commonly used medications by category, with frequent descriptions of actual surgical applications and learn basic anesthesia concepts, not previously presented at this level, to function more effectively as a surgical team member.

Special learning tools used in this text include the following:

  • Learning Objectives, stated at the beginning of each chapter
  • Key Terms, which are then boldfaced in the chapters
  • Insight boxes that offer additional information on the subject
  • Illustrations, including surgical photographs,
  • Tables and boxes that condense information to facilitate learning
  • Chapter Key Concept summaries and Chapter Review questions that emphasize critical content
  • Tcch Tips and Make It Simple features to aid in understanding
  • Advanced Practices sections emphasizing the role of the surgical first assistant
  • Drug Category Index by Surgical Specialty

Bibliographical Data of Pharmacology for the Surgical Technologist 3rd Ed

Reference Type: Book
Record Number: XX
Author: Katherine Snyder
Year: 2011
Place Published: St. Louis, Missouri
Publisher: Saunders
Number of Pages: 309
Edition: 3
ISBN -10: 1437710026
ISBN-13: 978-1437710021
Buy: Get it on Amazon

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