Pharmacology in Drug Discovery and Development, Understanding Drug Response 2nd Ed

Pharmacology in Drug Discovery and Development, Second Edition: Understanding Drug Response 2nd EdBook Reviews: Pharmacology is unique in that it is the only scientific discipline that considers the fact that drugs can demonstrate different behaviors in different organs from common mechanisms, a fact that makes the prediction of therapeutic effect sometimes very difficult. Over the past few years, a “perfect storm” has descended upon the pharmacology of drug discovery with the introduction of two important forces, namely, molecular dynamics and new assay technology.

Molecular dynamics describes proteins as moving bodies with a nearly limitless capacity to change conformation; these ideas counter the previous simple models of drug action in pharmacology which essentially described drugs as turning target proteins on and off like simple switches. Molecular dynamics allows us to describe nuanced drug activity and better define exactly what is required in the therapy of disease.

The second force is the increasing availability of new assays to view the complex behaviors of drug targets as they sample these new conformations predicted through molecular dynamics. These assays re-define what is meant by “drug activity” and now allow a more informed selection of new drug candidates for human testing. The impact of these new ideas on drug discovery is prevalent in this new edition and hopefully will bring these new ideas into focus for new drug therapy.

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Author: Terry Kenakin
Year: 2016
Place Published: America, Us
Publisher: Academic Press
Number of Pages: 350
Edition: 2
ISBN -10: 0128037520
ISBN-13: 978-0128037522
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