Pharmacology in Rehabilitation (Contemporary Perspectives in Rehabilitation) 5th Ed

cover-pharmacology-in-rehabilitation-contemporary-perspectives-in-rehabilitation-5th-edBook Reviews: As in the past, I was excited, albeit somewhat apprehensive, to start working on a new edition of this book. I always joke that I should have written a text on g anatomy—human structures have not changed much in the few years since the last edition. Pharmacology, however, continues to change and expand as new drugs are developed and the authors explore how patients respond to various drug regimens.

Pharmacology has likewise taken advantage of scientific developments in other areas to enhance patient outcomes. For example, the Human Genome Project, nanotechnology, and creation of monoclonal antibodies were still in their infancy when I began working on the first edition of this text. These and other scientific breakthroughs are now an important part of drug development, and they continue to contribute to innovative and clinically relevant advances in chemotherapy.

Finally, I always appreciate the opportunity to write a new edition of this book. Pharmacology has certainly become an integral part of contemporary health care, and the authors must have a working knowledge of how drugs affect our patients. I hope that I have provided students and clinicians with a useful re-source on this topic and that this ten will ultimately help guide your practice when treating patients in a rehabilitation setting.

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Reference Type: Book
Record Number: XX
Author: Charles D. Ciccone
Year: 2015
Place Published: Philadelphia, Us
Publisher: F.A. Davis
Number of Pages: 736
Edition: 5
ISBN -10: 0803640293
ISBN-13: 978-0803640290
Kindle Available: ASIN: B00WGT5SQO
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