Pharmacology: Principles and Applications, 3rd Ed

Pharmacology: Principles and Applications, 3rd EdBook Reviews: The goal of the third edition of Pharmacology: Principles and Applicators is to help the student master not only the principles of pharmacology but also the critical thinking skills necessary to transfer this knowledge base to administer mediation for patient safety. The authors have sought to achieve this in various ways, some of which are found in other pharmacology texts and others of which are unique to this tat.


Pharmacology: Principles and Applications has been clap-nixed in a student friendly manner intended to facilitate the study of pharmacology. Each chapter contains special elements that help make learning fun and easy

  • Practical coverage of basic pharmacology provides a thorough understanding of the medications most commonly used in ambulatory and inpatient settings.
  • A real-life Scenario starts each chapter with thought-provoking questions to consider as you progress through the material.
  • Procedures boxes provide step-by-step guidance for drug calculation and administration, accompanied by numerous illustrations and icons that identify OSHA-mandated protocols.
  • Common Signs & Symptoms of Diseases and Common Side Effects of Medications lists in each body system chapter help you distinguish between disease progression and medication reactions.
  • Body systems icons highlight the ways that specific drugs affect a particular body system.
  • Chapter objectives and key words at the beginning of each chapter help you focus your study efforts.
  • Check Your Understanding math review sections enable you to assess your knowledge of application and calculation concepts.
  • Critical Thinking exercises challenge you to apply what you’ve learned to a variety of realistic situations.
  • Important Facts and Clinical Tips boxes in each chapter highlight the key concepts for practice.
  • Patient Education for Compliance boxes help you communicate more effectively with patients about possible side effects or adverse reactions.
  • Summary tables are more concise and easier to follow.
  • New calculations exercises and quizzes are included on the companion Evolve website.
  • Expanded math and drug calculation sections in the workbook supplement the textbook with additional exercises for practice with math and dosage calculations. Available separately.

Bibliographical Data of Pharmacology: Principles and Applications, 3rd Ed

Reference Type: Book
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Author: Eugenia M. Fulcher
Year: 2011
Place Published: St. Louis, Missouri
Publisher: Saunders
Number of Pages: 656
Edition: 3
ISBN -10: 1437722679
ISBN-13: 978-1437722673
Kindle Available: ASIN: B00GLZZMOM
Buy: Get it on Amazon

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