Pharmacy Practice, Second Edition

Book Reviews: Pharmaceutical services are increasingly patient-centered rather than drug-centered, as exemplified by the concept of pharmaceutical care. Pharmacists need to both understand and meet patients’ specific pharmaceutical requirements. To do this requires a blend of clinical, scientific and social skills. This shift to patient-centered care comes as health care is increasingly delivered by an integrated team of health workers. Effective pharmacy practice requires an understanding of the social context within which pharmacy is practiced, recognizing the particular needs and circumstances of the users of pharmaceutical services, and of pharmacy’s place within health service provision.

With these issues in mind the authors have aimed to provide pharmacy students with a background in some of the pertinent issues for effective contemporary pharmacy practice. The authors have purposefully avoided clinical pharmacy and therapeutics per se, along with specific aspects of pharmacy law, because these are already comprehensively covered in existing texts. Our focus here is the practice of pharmacy in its social and behavioral context. For instance, how do an individual’s beliefs or social circumstances influence their decision to use a pharmacy, and how might pharmaceutical services best be delivered to meet that individual’s specific health needs?

Effective pharmacy practice is based on research evidence and best practice, and original research is referred to, where appropriate, throughout the text. As practice becomes more evidence-based, pharmacists increasingly need to evaluate and implement research findings, and undertake their own research and professional audits. To this end, the authors have included sections detailing how medicines use is surveyed and costed, together with practical guidance on doing pharmacy practice research and evaluating pharmaceutical services.

Undergraduate pharmacy courses remain rooted in the pharmaceutical sciences. Within libraries, social and behavioral science texts are segregated from pharmacy texts, and often found at separate sites. Furthermore, interdisciplinary teaching within pharmacy schools remains the exception rather than the rule. Consequently, many of the disciplines and concepts included here will be unfamiliar, perhaps even alien to readers. The backgrounds of the contributors to this textbook are diverse, including pharmacy, sociology, psychology, anthropology, history, health economics and communication. However, they share a common appreciation of how selected aspects of their specialty inform pharmacy practice. It is hoped that by bringing together disciplines whose knowledge base can, and should, underpin pharmacists’ activities, this comprehensive book will equip readers to be effective health care practitioners.

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Author: Geoffrey Harding, Kevin M. G. Taylor
Year: 2015
Place Published: Boca Raton, Florida
Publisher: CRC Press
Number of Pages: 502
Edition: 2nd
ISBN -10: 1482253429
ISBN-13: 978-1482253429
Kindle Available: ASIN- B015PNES7W
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