Pocket Atlas of Pharmacology (Flexibook) 4th Ed

Pocket Atlas of Pharmacology (Flexibook) 4th EdBook Reviews: Reflecting the most recent advances in the field, this up-to-date Fourth Edition is a succinct yet comprehensive source of information on basic pharmacologic structures and key pharmacy therapeutic connections. Each two-page spread contains concise text on the left complemented by detailed, full-color illustrations on the right to help users quickly digest important facts and concepts. Four color-coded sections provide readers with a solid framework with which to approach the latest developments in pharmacology:

Part 1: General Pharmacology explains substance formulation, absorption, distribution, elimination, and molecular mechanisms of action.

Part 2: Systems Pharmacology places special emphasis on the functional and therapeutic aspects of a wide range of medicinal agents.

Part 3: Therapy of Selected Diseases presents expanded coverage of migraines, sleep disorders, and obesity.

Part 4: Drug Index contains the most current data on over 700 drugs listed by their generic and brand names.

Bibliographical Data of Pocket Atlas of Pharmacology (Flexibook) 4th Ed

Reference Type: Book
Record Number:
Author: Heinz Lüllmann, Klaus Mohr, Lutz Hein.
Year: 2011
Place Published: UK
Publisher: TPS
Number of Pages: 404
Edition: 4
ISBN -10: 3137817048
ISBN-13: 978-3137817048
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