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Rang & Dale's Pharmacology Flash Cards UpdatedBook Reviews: Pharmacology is not a conceptually difficult subject like theoretical physics or higher mathematics. The only problem in studying pharmacology is that a great many facts and hard-to-remember drug names have to be mastered.

To get to grips with the subject it is essential to appreciate how drugs work; and to do this it is necessary to understand the underlying physiological processes on which they act. Once you’ve covered the detail from lectures and textbooks, there is then the problem of making sure the information stays securely and accessibly in your memory for when you need it later in your professional life.

And to do this efficiently you need to know what the essential points about any drug are, so that with these you will be able, by ass-action, to call up fuller details. Our cards follow fairly closely the sequence of chapters in Rang & Dale (7th edition) and Dale and Hayloft (2^4 edition). On the front of each card there is a drug name and a diagram showing the relevant astrophysics logical processes it affects (e.g. nor adrenergic transmission, heart failure etc); the essential information about the drug appears on the back.

The crucial facts about each drug are thus shown in the context of its mechanism of action, so that the user can lodge them securely in his/her mind, as pointers to the more detailed material buried ‘deeper’. The cards could also (whisper it) help with revising for exams.

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