Tablet And Capsule Machine Instrumentation

Tablet And Capsule Machine InstrumentationBook Reviews: WHEN W I L L I A M BROCKEDON patented the notion of ‘shaping pills, lozenges and black lead by pressure in dies’, he could hardly have imagined the extent to which this apparently simple idea would grow. It was largely this invention that extended the industrial revolution to the preparation of medicines, giving rise to the pharmaceutical industry as it now exists. Individual pharmacies would no longer need to make up small quantities of medicines themselves, largescale production in a relatively small number of manufacturing sites was now feasible, and mechanical engineering methods could be applied to the process.

As for the equipment described in these pages, The authors have assumed little prior knowledge on the part of the reader and have attempted to define any new terms as they appear. Many tablet press manufacturers offer machines that are already fitted with measuring devices and data processing systems. Nevertheless, it is still necessary to understand the essential principles of press instrumentation, the importance of transducer selection, siting, and calibration, and to have an appreciation of what a particular instrumentation technique can and – equally important – cannot do. It is our hope that these pages will help to promote such understanding.

Of course, the idea that research progresses smoothly from one stage to the next is a myth, usually supported by papers and publications that conveniently omit all mention of the dead ends and disasters that happen in real life. The authors have, therefore, included a few anecdotes from our own experience, which confirm the hypothesis that if something can go wrong, it will!

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Author: Peter Ridgway Watt, N. Anthony Armstrong
Year: 2007
Place Published:
Publisher: Pharmaceutical Press
Number of Pages: 272
Edition: 1
ISBN -10: 0853696578
ISBN-13: 978-0853696575
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