The Pharmacology of Chinese Herbs 2nd Ed

The Pharmacology of Chinese Herbs 2nd EdBook Reviews: Since the publication of the first edition of Pharmacology of Chinese Herbs in 1993, I have received many calls from medical professionals and laymen for advice and verification of various herbal medicines. The interest in this field has become nothing less than phenomenal, sparking concerns over potential abuses in treatment.

The use of herbs as an alternative medical treatment for many illness has increased steadily over the last decade, particularly since many such herbs are categorized as “natural food products” and are not yet subject to strict control by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Reports published in 1996 indicated that over 10% of the U.S.

population had made use of herbal remedies. Significantly, most of the respondents undergoing such treatment were college-educated, earning over $30,000 annually. Often, these patients do not inform their physicians about these treatments, not realizing that many herbs contain certain active ingredients that may interact adversely with other herbs or drugs prescribed by their physicians.

I wish to thank my friend and colleague, Dr. Walter M. Williams for his help and collaboration in the revision. Since my age may not allow me to continue this task for many years longer, I sincerely hope he will take up the torch to carry on this work for the benefit of future medical professionals. In addition, I also should like to thank my daughter, Karen, for doing an excellent job in editing this book.

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Author: Kee Chang Huang
Year: 1998
Place Published: Florida, US
Publisher: CRC Press
Number of Pages: 544
Edition: 2
ISBN -10: 0849316650
ISBN-13: 978-0849316654
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