The Reproductive System (Human Body How It Works)

Book Reviews: Helps you learn how the development of the reproductive systems in both males and females depends on the delicate and coordinated balance of genetic makeup, hormones, and the nervous system. This book also examines the reproductive systems of males and females, and how the body develops from conception through puberty and into maturity.

Bibliographical Data of The Reproductive System (Human Body How It Works)

Reference Type: Book
Record Number: xx
Author: Randolph W Krohmer, Denton A Cooley M.D.
Year: 2009
Place Published: New York City
Publisher: Chelsea House Publications
Number of Pages: 116
Edition: 1st
ISBN -10: 1604133732
ISBN-13: 978-1604133738
Kindle Available: ASIN- B007PVBG5U
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