The Senses (Human Body: How It Works)

Book Reviews: The human body’s sense organs are its physical link between the brain and the surrounding environment. Our senses of sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing allow us to interact and adapt to the ever-changing world that surrounds us. This title presents an introduction to the intricate structures and functions of the body’s sense organs.

Bibliographical Data of The Senses (Human Body: How It Works)

Reference Type: Book
Record Number: xx
Author: Douglas B Light, Denton A Cooley M.D.
Year: 2009
Place Published: New York City
Publisher: Chelsea House Publications
Number of Pages: 168
Edition: 1st
ISBN -10: 1604133627
ISBN-13: 978-1604133622
Kindle Available: ASIN: B01FGNE0B0
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