The Veterinary Formulary 6th Ed

The Veterinary Formulary 6th EdBook Reviews: The Royal Pharmaceutical Society has a long history of publishing veterinary medicine texts with the assistance of the veterinary profession. The first edition of The Veterinary Formulary was published 1991 and the second edition in 1994. The third, fourth, and fifth editions, and this sixth edition are published in association with the British Veterinary Association, the national organization representing practicing veterinarians in all branches of the profession in the UK. The British Veterinary Association is committed to making essential prescribing information available to its members. The revised BVA Code of Practice on Medicines is included in the sixth edition of The Veterinary Formulary. The Code provides product details on medicines used in all species seen in practice.

There continues to be a requirement for more veterinary medicines that are authorized for conditions in the target species. Until a wider range of veterinary authorized medicines are available, veterinarians will need to continue to prescribe veterinary medicines out with the data sheet and unauthorized conditions or dosages are shown by the symbol ¨ in the text. In addition, it may be necessary to use authorized human medicines and commonly used human medicines are listed in The Veterinary Formulary and denoted by the symbol . Recommended International Non-proprietary Names are used for drug names in The Veterinary Formulary with former British Approved Names and United States Approved Names given as synonyms and indexed. A list of drug names is given on page xv. The Veterinary Formulary does not aim to contain all information necessary for prescribing. Readers should also consult specialized publications and manufacturers’ current data sheets. Reference sources are listed in the sections on.

Thanks are especially extended to the members of the Advisory Committee and the Contributors listed on page v, who have all worked efficiently to allow the text to be published in a short period after a long time between editions. Sadly Penney Barber died during the final stages of the production of The Veterinary Formulary and did not see her work published. The assistance of manufacturers in providing details of their products and other information is gratefully appreciated as is help given by the Veterinary Medicines Directorate and the National Office of Animal Health. Thanks are given to colleagues in the Publications Department, in particular Paul Weller and Keith Riley.

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Author: Yolande Bishop
Year: 2005
Place Published: London, UK
Publisher: Pharmaceutical Press
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Edition: 6
ISBN -10: 0853695792
ISBN-13: 978-0853695790
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