Veterinary Pharmacology and Therapeutics 9th Ed

Veterinary Pharmacology and Therapeutics 9th EdBook Reviews: Used in a more intelligent and prudent fashion to avoid development of resistance that can impact both animals and human public health. Human food safety concerns regarding drugs used in food-producing animals have taken on increased concern. All these developments lead to both growth and a broadening of this discipline, which is central to the practice of veterinary medicine.

One of the most important applications of this textbook will be as a supplement and reference source for instructors teaching veterinary pharmacology to professional veterinary students, graduate students, and veterinary technicians. To accommodate this use, the chapters have been organized logically in an order and format that will support the teaching of veterinary pharmacology to students. Whenever possible, helpful tables, diagrams, and charts are provided to facilitate learning. Teaching veterinary pharmacology to students has changed tremendously since the early editions of this textbook Because of the tremendous explosion in the number of drugs avail-able, it is no longer possible to cover every drug and every indication in a veterinary course. Therefore, this book is intended to be a supplement to a veterinary pharmacology course for the student to have access to more in-depth and comprehensive information than can be presented in course lectures.

In addition to the many authors that have contributed to this edition of Veterinary Pharmacology and Therapeutics, the authors owe a special thanks to the previous editor, and consulting editor for this edition, H. Richard Adams. The authors are proud to carry on as editors with the hope of continuing the excellence and quality that was a characteristic of the editions that he edited. The authors are also appreciative of the support of the publishers at Wiley-Blackwell. Among these individuals, special thanks go to Deed Andersen, Antonia Seymour, fill McDonald, and Nancy Zimmerman. The authors also thank Luann Dublin and especially Jindal Leone, administrative assistants at CCTRP-NCSU, for their help in processing these chapters.

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Author: Jim E. Riviere, Mark G. Papich.
Year: 2009
Place Published: Hoboken, Us
Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell
Number of Pages: 1544
Edition: 9
ISBN -10: 0813820618
ISBN-13: 978-0813820613
Kindle Available: ASIN: B00CSPK8Q6
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